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Project Brief

CauseFocus took on the impactful Bhimber HelpingHands charity website project with a multi-faceted approach. Beginning with a bespoke Logo Design and Branding, we crafted an identity that resonates with the noble cause. The development of a dynamic CMS-based website seamlessly integrated a Donation Portal, providing a user-friendly platform for contributing to the mission. Implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensured the website's visibility, enabling a wider reach for the charity. Content Creation, including compelling visuals through Stock Photography, communicated the heart of Bhimber HelpingHands. Our Social Media Management and Marketing strategies further amplified the charity's presence, connecting with a broader audience. Leveraging a Google Ad Grant, we maximized online exposure with a monthly budget of $10,000. Additionally, our design expertise extended to impactful Flyer Designing, complementing the online efforts. This holistic approach aimed to empower Bhimber HelpingHands, not only by establishing a robust online presence but also by creating a compelling brand identity for a cause that truly matters.

Our Approach

In championing the Bhimber HelpingHands charity website project, CauseFocus embraced a purpose-driven approach. The design journey began with a distinctive Logo and Branding, reflecting the essence of the charitable cause. The website, dynamically crafted on a CMS platform, not only facilitated seamless donations but also provided a hub for information and engagement. Rigorous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies ensured heightened visibility, connecting the charity with a broader audience. Our content creation, enriched by Stock Photography, conveyed the humanity behind Bhimber HelpingHands. Social Media Management and Marketing initiatives extended the charity's reach, fostering community engagement. Leveraging a Google Ad Grant with a monthly budget of $10,000, we optimized online exposure. Our commitment extended to impactful Flyer Designing, reinforcing the offline presence. This holistic approach aimed to not only elevate the charity's digital footprint but also amplify its impact by resonating with a global audience passionate about making a difference.

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